Gina W'erdi

Dedicated Personal Trainer

Gina's passion for physical fitness started at an early age. Once she began working out, she never stopped. So dedicated, she spent three to four hours a day at the gym. Noticing her commitment, the gym offered her an aerobics class to teach. In no time, her classes were filled with lines out the door. Requests for personal training followed. Starting with a few clients, in just a few short months she had 30 clients. She hasn't looked back since.

An avid runner from 5ks to marathons, she motivates others by practicing what she teaches.

To this day, Gina loves encouraging her clients get in the best shape possible by making it fun and enjoyable.

You will not find a more compassionate, empathetic, dedicated and sincere professional.  Gina never quits!  She will not quit on you. 

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